One week left for the barstock drive

Hey guys. Quick update on the drive. I must give credit where it is due:

- Barb Fischer & Chris Impink (Chris is also the webtender for the wiki… make sure you thank him for building its backbone)
- Chris Pollock
- Joseph Kovell who’s just been working like a dog, contribution drinks and games all over the damned place (PS: Keep it up, Joe)
- Eric Richardson
- Mary Hentges
- Bernie Hou

You guys. Seriously, you guys. You’re the best. Thank you.

If you want to donate, and therefore get your comic a guranteed episode, there’s still one week left for the drive. First episode will be filmed on Sunday the 17th, and will air on Monday the 25th.

5 Responses to “One week left for the barstock drive”

  1. Abby L says:

    I would totally donate if my comic had a drink.

  2. Phil Kahn says:

    Make a drink for your comic! It’s just that simple :D

  3. Abby L says:

    I’ll think about it but I don’t know any drinks!

  4. Abby L says:

    Last second donation for the win!

  5. Phil Kahn says:

    You’re too kind :D